Plum Alley


Plum Alley is an early stage company. It began as a platform for highlighting the innovations and contributions women were making in tech and as entrepreneurs. Plum Alley offered e-commerce as a way to increase sales for companies. In 2013 Plum Alley also offered a funding solution because a huge number of Plum Alley merchants and members of our community asked for assistance in raising money for their companies and ventures. Given the capital raising expertise of our founder Deborah Jackson, the Plum Alley brand and the strong focus on building technology, Plum Alley invested in building a robust platform that demystifies the process of raising money. The interactions and content on our site present the six stages to raising money, and identifies the components of each stage so that women have the best chance to achieve success.

Plum Alley is distinguished from other companies for several reasons. We have a history of supporting women entrepreneurs having showcased over 100 in the past two years and offering them e-commerce to increase their customer base. We have championed women who are building and using technology. We have invested in women with our dollars and our expertise. We focus on the women’s market because we are women who represent several different disciplines that we know are relevant for women’s success as entrepreneurs and creators. Every company has its sweet spot and its mission. Ours is clear. We provide the knowledge, experience, tools and a robust site that offers a clear path and the roadmap to raising money successfully. Our record speaks and it demonstrates who we are, what we stand for, and we what we have accomplished.